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What is Broadcast Thought?

Broadcast Thought is a group of three physicians, specializing in forensic, child and adolescent, and adult psychiatry, who provide expert consultation to the media and entertainment industries.  At Broadcast Thought, we are both medical professionals and fans of film, television, comic books, and other popular media.  We are creative consultants, subject matter experts, and co-producers of mental health related content. Through “Accuracy in Entertainment and Entertainment in Accuracy,” Broadcast Thought adds new dimensions to portrayals of mental illness, evolves perceptions of mental health matters, and advances popular media in innovative directions.

Broadcast Thought provides the following services related to mental health and the media:

  • • Script consultation for television, film, graphic novels, and comic books
  • • Consultation with performers regarding portrayals of mental health-related issues
  • • On-set and on-call consultation
  • • Co-production of mental health-related works
  • • Expert commentary and consultation to multimedia news outlets on mental health topics
  • • Translation of complex psychiatric and psychological data into relevant information for the media professional