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Why Use Broadcast Thought?

As the field of mental health has advanced, audiences have become more interested and knowledgeable about mental health matters.  While some may view this as a challenge to the news and entertainment industries, we see this as an opportunity to rejuvenate mental health depictions.  Broadcast Thought can help ensure that depictions are not only accurate, but also relevant and highly engaging.

Broadcast Thought can help you achieve these goals by:

  • ● Providing an integrated team of three physicians with a broad array of expertise in forensic, child and adolescent, and adult psychiatry
  • ● Utilizing a careful, methodical approach rooted in science
  • ● Drawing from unique, professional experiences that provide foundations for creative and accurate storytelling
  • ● Applying expertise to make your product distinct and innovative, while remaining true to the source material
  • ● Adding further depth and dimensions to characters, both familiar and new, that enable audiences to connect more intimately with them
  • ● Translating real-world psychiatry to both non-fictional and fictional depictions of mental health matters in news and popular media
  • ● Providing “Accuracy in Entertainment and Entertainment in Accuracy”